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Model 8604 - Holds 4 X 50 ml Tubes

Put a New Spin on Fecal Testing

Fecal testing by the centrifugation method (See procedure) can yield a 40% to 70% greater parasite recovery than flotation alone and is considered the gold standard by parasitologists and the Companion Animal Parasite Council. Now you can economically and efficiently incorporate this advanced testing method into your own laboratory with the Powerspin MX swing arm centrifuge. The tube holders are vertical at rest to allow processing with cover slip in place and the gentle acceleration and deceleration prevents the cover slips from flying off while spinning.

With its clean looks and quiet operation, the Powerspin DX swinging arm ("swinging bucket") centrifuge delivers all of the  features and performance  you'd expect from a  centrifuge costing 3 to 4 times more! The DX features a 6 place horizontal spin rotor that accommodates tubes from 2 to 15 ml, an easy to clean stainless steel chamber, and variable speed control from 1000-3400 RPM. The all digital front panel touchpad and sharp LCD display makes setting time and speed an effortless operation. In addition, the Powerspin DX automatically stores the previous settings for quick and efficient repeat testing. One year warranty. Download Brochure Starting at 1999.00


The Powerspin DX model 8604 will spin up to four 50 ml tubes making it the perfect choice for concentrating spermatozoa for cryopreservation. Like the standard DX , it features digitally adjustable speed control and gradual acceleration/deceleration.  Starting at 2190.21


(Used equipment may be available. Click here.)

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