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Fecal Solution Preparation

For optimum results, flotation solution (Sodium Nitrate or Zinc Sulfate) should have a specific gravity of 1.18 to 1.20* (53.75/gal). Take the guesswork out of compounding fecal solution with this economical, easy to use hydrometer. (See procedure) . Hydrometer comes complete with unbreakable plastic cylinder.

*Sheathers (sugar) solution should be adjusted to SG 1.25-1.27.

66.99  **Purchase the Powerspin DX Swing Arm Centrifuge and receive the hydrometer free!


"Failure to ensure that a prepared flotation solution has the proper Specific Gravity could result in a missed diagnosis of either T. vulpis or T. canis, both of which are pathogenic parasites in dogs. Solutions should be properly prepared following standard formulas when using bulk sugar or salts or specific label directions when hydrating commercial salt solutions. After the solution has been prepared, it is recommended that the Specific Gravity be checked with a hydrometer".

 -Dryden, M, et.al: "Comparison of Common Fecal Flotation Techniques for the Recovery of Parasite Eggs and Oocysts". Veterinary Therapeutics, Vol 6, No. 1, 2005. Full Text.


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