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Kova Urine Sediment System

One of the longstanding challenges associated with urine sediment examination has been the variability of results caused by nonstandardized test procedures. Procedural variables include initial sample volume, the speed and duration of centrifugation, the volume of sample used to resuspend the packed sediment, and the distribution of elements on the slide.  

The Kova® Urine Sediment system was designed to address these variables with a standardized system for preparation and microscopic examination. Each specimen is processed using a specially shaped conical plastic tube with a flared opening for easy filling. After centrifuging, the unique Kova “Petter” retains the sediment during decanting along with a fixed volume of supernatant sample. The pipette is then used to dispense a drop of the resuspended sediment into a special chambered slide for microscopic exam. The unique Kova slide provides an even distribution of microscopic elements that greatly improves visualization. See demo

100 test kit includes 100 each of Kova tubes, Kova petters (pipets),caps, and collection cups and (25) 4-test Kova slides. Also included is a disposable transport rack for holding filled tubes, stick on report labels, and complete instructions. 


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