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Barry Mitzner, D.V.M..
Founder and Professional
 Services Director


Dr. Barry Mitzner is recognized as one of today's experts in the field of in-house laboratory testing. After receiving his DVM degree from the University of Georgia in 1975, Dr. Mitzner entered a group practice in Miami, FL where he became interested in the area of in-house testing. Vetlab Supply was born out of Dr. Mitzner's recognition that veterinarians needed a specialized source for in-house laboratory products.

In addition to overseeing the operations of Vetlab Supply (formerly Southeast Vetlab), Dr. Mitzner plays a key role in new product development, most recently a line of proprietary products bearing the Vetlab name. Outside the company, he has been a frequent speaker at local, state, and national veterinary meetings. He is also an accomplished technical writer having made contributions to various journals, the professions top periodicals, and reference books including Veterinary Clinics of North America and Kirk's Current Veterinary Therapy XIII. 


Dr. Mitzner also directs The Research Center for In-house Diagnostics, a market development and laboratory industry consulting firm.



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