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Bullseye® Urine Culture System

**Important Notice**  On May 2, 2019 Healthlink Inc., the sole manufacturer of Bullseye for over 30 years, ceased manufacturing of all media products including the special format Bullseye culture system. While the comparable product from a new manufacturer will be functionally similar it will be packaged in a two plate format with the Mueller Hinton (center section of Bullseye plate) provided as a separate plate. Interpretation of results will be as before and you can continue to use your current Bullseye interpretation chart should you choose to convert to the new format.

Given the necessity of change, we are encouraging our current Bullseye users to transition to our state of the art Spectrum™ chromogenic culture system. Many of our former Bullseye customers have already converted to this product as well as many former Flexicult® users. Having produced this product over 10 years ago we are confident you will find it easier to use and less expensive. 

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