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ISE Fluid Pack

This new ISE fluid pack from Diamond is an exact replacement for the brand name solution packs (Snap-Pak®) used with the Vet-Lyte® and AVL 9100-series electrolyte analyzers. Manufactured to precise specifications, these packs are FDA approved for human medicine, further assurance that the product will perform equal to or better than the manufacturer's. Diamond ISE Fluid Packs are introductory priced at 99.00 each (vs.149.00 or more for SnapPak®) and quantity discounts are available. Cleaning, conditioning, deproteinizing reagents, replacement electrodes, and maintenance kits are also available at comparable savings!  


Pack changing and reset instructions

Product Specifications

Vetlyte is a registered trademark of Idexx Laboratories.  
SnapPak is a registered trademark of AVL Scientific.



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