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Get Better, Cleaner Urine Specimens 

What works like a syringe but doubles as a specimen container? Answer: Urine Monovette®. Since its introduction to the veterinary market, this disposable product has been especially well received by practitioners who routinely collect samples by cystocentesis. Each sterile individually wrapped Urine Monovette® holds 10 ml. of specimen, accepts a standard luer needle, and comes with a snap-on tip for collection of specimens from urinary catheters. Urine Monovette® can even double as a centrifuge tube for preparation of urine sediments.   Once the specimen is collected, the cap can be removed for urine chemistry (strip) testing or the leak proof tube can be sent to the lab for culture. Because there is no transfer of the specimen from syringe to cup, inadvertent contamination of the specimen is virtually eliminated.  Click here for step by step demo.

54.59 /Pkg. 100

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