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Sample Rockers and Mixers

Thorough mixing is a must for accurate laboratory results. Our very affordable Rock-It Jr. specimen mixer is designed for years of everyday use. The unit has a capacity of 8 tubes or a mix of tubes and vials with its reversible non-slip pad. The Rock-it Jr. also features a pause button that allows the user to momentarily stop the rocking motion while adding and removing tubes. The optimum speed of 25 cycles per minute provides gentle and thorough mixing of all types of samples including medications. The compact Rock-It Jr. has a small footprint of just 8.6 X 4.7 inches. 


Need more capacity? Our TubeRocker Mini provides the ideal solution for a wide variety of tubes ranging from 1.5 to 50 ml. At 5 X 13 inches the TubeRocker is still compact enough to fit on any lab bench and is temperature tolerant enough to be used inside refrigerators and incubators. 



For special applications requiring 3D (Nutating) mixing, check out our mini and large capacity mixers for hundreds less than the BD Nutator. Two platform sizes and mat configurations allow for gentle thorough foam-free mixing of tubes as well as flat vessels. For most labs the MiniMixer with its 10.5 X 7.5 platform will do the job. Need more capacity? Our BioMixer boasts a 12 X !2 platform and can even accommodate a stacking platform that doubles its capacity. Both mixers will handle loads up to 2 Kg. and both are available as 115V or 230V models.


MiniMixer ®  472.60                     

Large Capacity BioMixer ®  587.40

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