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Staining Accessories

Staining (Coplin) Jars

Choose sturdy, cleanable glass or economical, crack resistant polyethylene. (Practice Tip: To stabilize plastic jars and prevent them from falling over, put a bead of "Sticky Tack" adhesive on the bottom and press down firmly to secure jar to countertop.) 

Glass Jar w/Plastic Lid  27.01 ea.

Plastic with Lid              10.40 ea.

"Shorty" Staining Jar

Heavy, cleanable glass for greater durability and stability. Due to shorter profile only 75% of slide is immersed in solution keeping fingers clean. 5 slide capacity. .

Shorty Glass Jar w/Plastic Lid  29.85

Mini Staining Jar and Mailer

Unbreakable polypropylene jar holds 10 slides back to back for mailing or 5 slides for staining. Secure screw cap reduces evaporation. Square shape saves space.

Mini Staining Jar 13.30

Bibulous Paper

Ultra-absorbent white paper for drying stained slides. 50 Sheets/book. (Manufacturer may vary).



Slide Drying Rack

Sturdy, acrylic drying rack holds up to 30 slides. Click here for more details.

And for Fast Clean-Up....

There's just nothing like Erado-sol! Safely removes all types of stains from glassware, countertops, hands, and clothing. Get the details Here.


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