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Save Big $$$ with our Used and

Refurbished Equipment Deals!

Please Note: Some of the items shown below are representative of our most frequently requested products. All equipment is subject to prior sale and may not be available at all times. Please call to check availability and pricing as pricing may vary slightly based upon condition.. If we do not have the product you want in stock, we will source it for you. All refurbished equipment carries a 90 day warranty. Extensions are available.

Accurate Test Results Begin With Thorough Mixing

Gently used quiet operating Barnstead-Thermolyne 8-place rocker/mixer will be a welcome addition to your hematology lab. Gentle rocking keeps cells in even suspension until you are ready to process. Very good condition. New units sell for over 300.00!

88.00 Sold! Call us regarding alternative equipment.  

In-Clinic Coagulation Analyzer

The SCA2000 is an easy-to-use, portable instrument for performing whole blood coagulation tests. Designed for in-clinic use, the SCA 2000 is the veterinary version of the Hemochron Jr. analyzer developed by International Technidyne for the human market. The analyzer quickly and accurately measures both PT (Prothrombin Time) and APTT (Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time) by inserting a disposable test cartridge and adding patient sample. Compatible cartridges include those manufactured for the Coag DX (Idexx Laboratories) as well as the more economical Hemochron Jr. cartridges. Note: Hemochron Jr. cartridges are not compatible with Coag Dx. The unit has been fully tested. and is in very good condition. Included with the analyzer is a power supply,new internal battery pack, electronic verification set, and temp card.


Is your SCA 2000 reading "charge battery" even when plugged in? It is most likely due to a worn out battery pack. Before spending thousands on a new instrument, contact us for details about having it replaced!

Cramped for Space?

The Boekel 260700 Mini-incubator has the smallest footprint of any on the market; just 7.5" wide X 6.5" deep X 6" high. Easily accommodates up to 10 Uricult tubes or 6-7 standard agar plates. The heating element is mounted behind the rear wall to avoid baking of media. An interior mounted digitemp strip indicates temperature. View plates while incubating through smoked plastic door. This used unit is in very good condition and has been fully tested, Brand new pieces are currently selling for 425-475.00.

155.00  Sold after less than a week in stock! Check back for the next one.


Refurbished IV Pumps - Several to Choose From

Programmable model 6201V from Baxter Travenol. Approximate battery life: 6 hours with pump running at a rate from 1 to 1400 mL/hr. A real workhorse.

From 350.00 (depending on condition.)


Pulse Oximeter with Vet Leads

Nellcor-20 rugged portable Pulse Oximeter in immaculate condition. This basic unit measures pulse rate and oxygen saturation either continually or in spot check mode. Tone sounds once for each pulse while visual amplitude monitor indicates pulse strength. Audible signal when SpO2 decreases by 2%. Automatic shut off conserves batteries.



Used Centrifuges

(Click here to browse our selection of used microhematocrit, swing arm, variable speed, and standard models)

Vitros (Kodak) DT60

For over two decades the Vitros DT60 has been the standard by which all other dry chemistry analyzers are judged.  A true random access analyzer, the workhorse DT60 can run a variety of tests including basic chemistries, electrolytes, enzymes, and full lipid profiles. (See Menu) . Results are available in 2-5 minutes and the miniscule 10 ul sample requirement makes testing of even the smallest patients practical. The Vitros DT60 is FDA approved allowing it to meet or exceed the requirements for any research application. Several configurations available, all in working order with accessories.

Starting from 300.00 Note: DT60 Model I units in stock. Call for availability of DT60 II models and modules.

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