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Test Strips 25/Box       78.00

5-9  Boxes  75.50 ea.

10+ Boxes  73.00 ea.

***Attention Lactate Pro Users: Test Strips for the Lactate Pro are Still Available***

It has recently come to our attention that certain competitors are telling current Lactate Pro customers that they will no longer be able to obtain strips for their meters. This is absolutely false. While Arkray has discontinued production of the first generation Lactate Pro meter, given the ongoing demand by EMS and practitioners they will continue to produce strips through at least May of 2018.   

Approximately 5 years ago, Arkray began developing a replacement analyzer which was released in Japan in April 2012 as the Lactate Pro 2. When they began the design of this analyzer they did not have the medical market in mind opting instead to focus on the sports training segment. Unfortunately, this new analyzer proved unsuitable for medical use due to certain performance shortcomings, i.e., accurate readings can only be obtained as long as the hematocrit and SpO2 of the patient are both within normal range. Any analyzer designated for medical use must be self-correcting as is the case with the current Lactate Pro. As a result, the Lactate Pro 2 will not be released for sale in USA or Canada since FDA certification will still be required even for devices designated for sports use only. There is a possibility that Arkray will develop another analyzer over the next 2-3 years that will meet medical requirements. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us regarding alternative medically approved methods for measuring Lactate.  

The first generation Lactate Pro is still the only handheld lactate analyzer that is FDA CLIA-waived for clinical medical use.  As a result we continue to receive requests for used analyzers in good working condition and would be interested in acquiring any that have been taken out of service. Please contact us directly at 800.330.1522 or by email if you have units you would like to sell. If you would like to be added to our waiting list for used units, please send your contact information to info@vetlab.com with "used lactate pro" in the subject line. 

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