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Add fecal sample to specimen tube. Shake to dissolve.

Closed Fecal System Reduces Odors, Improves Recovery 
Processing of fecal samples by centrifugal flotation has emerged as the new gold standard due to its improved sensitivity over traditional (gravity) flotation. Not only has centrifugation become the method of choice among veterinary parasitologists, but a leading industry group, the Companion Animal Parasite Council, has also published it in their recommended guidelines for practitioners. Studies performed at a number of veterinary colleges have shown a parasite recovery rate for centrifugal processing of as much as 2 to 3 times that for gravity flotation. This finding becomes particularly important when parasites are present in low numbers.
One of the objections to centrifugal flotation has been the general messiness and odors associated with the procedure. The FPC® fecal parasite concentrator addresses these concerns with a clean and efficient closed system for recovering helminth eggs, protozoan cysts, and coccidia. FPC® replaces open strainer or gauze filtration with two 15 ml polypropylene tubes interconnected with a precision molded plastic strainer. Ova and parasites will pass through the 0.6 diameter holes while excess fecal debris is retained. In addition to the tubes and strainer, the 100 test kit includes wooden applicators and sampling spoons. Hospital staff should have no problem quickly mastering the simplified preparation procedure.  (Download complete instructions.)
100 Test FPC® Fecal Parasite Concentrator  218.78

Zinc Sulfate flotation solution. Sp. Gr. 1.18 to 1.20   71.43/gal.   




*For optimum results, we recommend a variable speed “swinging bucket” centrifuge be used with the FPC kit. Click here for more information.



Connect centrifuge tube with attached strainer.

Invert and strain specimen into centrifuge tube.

Remove strainer assembly and centrifuge.



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