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Autoclave/Sterilizer Monitoring Systems

An "EZ Test" for All Sterilization Devices

Over time even well maintained autoclaves can develop small leaks around seals or tiny cracks in the chamber. This can result in loss of pressure. lower temperatures,  and reduced performance. Insuring that surgical instruments are being properly and completely sterilized is critical to the health of your patients. Documentation of routine autoclave monitoring is now a requirement for AAHA hospital accreditation.   

EZ Test (Formerly Pro-Test) is a self contained biological Indicator system that is designed to monitor the effectiveness of the steam sterilization process. To perform the test, one EZ Test vial containing viable Geobacillus stearothermophilus bacterial spores is cycled through the autoclave as you would a surgical pack. Upon completion, the vial is placed into a specialized 55º C incubator (required) and examined after 24 hours for evidence of growth. The absence of growth is indicative of complete sterilization.

EZ Test Starter Pack                          531.97

(Includes incubator and 25 Ampoules)


EZ Test Ampoules (Refill); Pkg. 25   103.76


*EZ Test ampoules are compatible with the 3M Attest incubator.



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