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Disc Dispensers for Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing

(Kirby-Bauer Disc Diffusion Method)


Antibiotic Single Disc Dispenser

Fits single cartridge of all BBL Discs

32.64 each 


Self-Tamping Dispenser for 100 mm Plate

This BBL 6-place Sensi-Disc dispenser sized for 100 mm Mueller Hinton plates simultaneously dispenses 6 antibiotic discs with one push of the plunger. Discs are evenly distributed around the plate and are automatically tamped down saving time and effort. Works only with BBL brand sensitivity discs. One year manufacturer's warranty.


8-Place available: 650.63


Economy Disc Dispenser for 100 mm Plate (Used)

These economical 8 place disc dispensers were discontinued by the manufacturer several years ago. Each has been thoroughly tested and found to be  100% functional. Detailed instructions included. For BBL brand sensitivity discs only. 

97.75  Sold! These are out of production and are very hard to find. Check back periodically for availability.  


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