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Culture Media

We provide a wide selection of plated and tubed culture media to meet the needs of every laboratory. All products come 10/Pkg. unless otherwise noted. Please call for pricing and availability of additional media products.

Plated Media


TSA w/5% Sheep Blood Agar


EMB (Levine)

Sabaroud Dextrose


Mueller Hinton

Columbia CNA

Simmons Citrate

Streptococcus Select

Staphylococcus Select


Nutrient Agar



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Tubed Media


Tryptic Soy

Thioglycollate w/o Indicator

BHI (Brain Heart Infusion)

TSI Slants (Triple Sugar Iron Agar)

Nutrient Agar Slants


Multi-Chamber/Specialty Media


TSA 5%/MacConkey Biplate

Spectrumtm Chromogenic Agar

CultiPlate®-U Chromogenic System




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